Elklan e-Learning Pack for AAC courses


The Elklan e-Learning Pack provides the essential components to complete your Elklan e-learning course. The e-learning sessions provide the knowledge and content of the course in preparation for your Live Tutor Webinars. The e-book gives a digital version of the Communication Builders for AAC book accompanying the course. Elklan's unique webinar platform allows for seamless integration between the Elklan Learners' Area and your Live Tutor Webinars*.

You'll also get a discount code for 50% off one copy of the paperback version of the accompanying Communication Builders for AAC.

  • e-Learning Sessions access for the duration of your course
  • Language Builders as an e-book
  • Accreditation fee

Can only be purchased with an enrolment on a current or future Elklan e-learning course. Log in to purchase.

Tutors wishing to purchase e-learning packs should do so via the Course Tracker.

About the e-book
Elklan e-books are accessible in the browser across a wide range of desktop and mobile digital devices and require internet access. You will be required to create an account or log in to purchase access to this e-book. Access to the e-book begins once payment has been completed and lasts as long as your Elklan account remains active. Access is for the account holder only and cannot be shared.

Please note: Elklan e-books cannot be downloaded, copied, printed or opened in third-party e-book reader apps.

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