Language Builders for Verbal ASD Paperback - previous (2021) version

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This is a previous version of a current title. The information in the book is all still relevant to promote communication skills. It is however no longer compatible with courses currently running.

Please do not purchase this book as the core reading material for an accredited course. The current version is linked below.

This invaluable book provides information about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and gives detailed advice and activities to promote the communication and interaction skills of all verbal children with ASD.

It covers a wealth of knowledge and is beautifully illustrated to provide many practical strategies and ideas suitable for children at primary school as well as those in specialist provisions. It has been written to be accessible to parents, learning support assistants, teachers and other professionals who work in this field.

Amongst the topics covered are:

  • What is autism?
  • Using structure with children with ASD.
  • Developing communication.
  • Working with Information Carrying Words to develop the length of sentences a child can understand.
  • Developing verbal reasoning in children with ASD.
  • Using vocabulary maps and Mind Maps, the latter devised by Tony Buzan.
  • Developing interaction through using Comic Strip
  • Conversations as devised by Carol Gray.
  • Helping children learn how to speak in a social context.
  • Understanding that children with ASD often communicate most effectively through their behaviour.

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