Sound Builders, from Elklan

Individualised, four-stage programmes to help parents and school staff support children with unclear speech

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Sound Builders is an innovative online product which guides you through a personalised speech programme with a child you work or live with whose speech is unclear.

How it works

Each programme is made up of four stages:

Stage 1: Listening to and Articulaing Speech Sounds. Stage 2: Thinking about Speech Sounds in Words. Stage 3: Using Speech Sounds in Words. Stage 4: Using Speech Sounds when Talking in Sentences.

At each stage, the programme provides you with:

Your own child's name inserted into the programme, so that it's personal

Clear guidance so you know when to move to the next stage

Colour photos which are attractive and graded from simple to more complex words

Help to support your child listen to sounds

Free sample

Download a free sample copy of the complete Sound Builders s  d programme, stages 1-4.

Download a sample programme

What programmes are available?

Speech sounds are categorised in different groups e.g. plosive or fricative sounds:

s blends
l blends

e.g. p b = Child is using a ‘b’ instead of a ‘p’ sound at the beginning of their words

How much does it cost?

Parents may prefer to buy one programme for £4.00.

Purchase individual programmes

Those of you in who work in schools or speech and language therapy departments can subscribe and save!




monthly credits



monthly credits



monthly credits



monthly credits

Downloading one complete programme (four stages) for use one named child only = 1 credit

Automatically renews monthly - cancel any time

Credits must be used within the monthly billing period - unused credits cannot be carried over

What do practitioners say?

I absolutely loved completing the programme. The fact the Sound Builder is step by step makes it quick and easy to follow. The information given is short enough to not weigh me down with detail but detailed enough to ensure I am on the right path with my delivery. I have seen vast amounts of progress from N in the short time I have been working with him and that is down to this programme, its resources and its structure. The fact that resources are already sorted for me to use is fantastic - what a timesaver! I like that SB offers lots of different focus sounds that we can now use across school with other pupils. It was very easy to understand when a child could move on to the next stage or what I needed to do if they were finding things tricky/weren't achieving.
K.M., 2020, re: Sound Builders programmes
Terms and Conditions

Use of Sound Builders is subject to our terms and conditions which must be read by all users of Sound Builders.