Adeiladwyr Iaith ar gyfer Anghenion Cymhleth

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This excellent resource makes this complex area of language development accessible to non-specialist staff. All those working in the field will appreciate the clear explanations and practical support and advice for those working and living with children at the pre-intentional and intentional stages of communication as far as beginning to use first words. The book explores a wide range of issues concerning children who have little or no means of expressing themselves verbally.

Adeiladwyr Iaith ar gyfer Anghenion Cymhleth  provides ideas for assessment and recording progress as well as detailed advice and practical activities. It is written for speech and language therapists, teachers, teaching assistants, pre-school practitioners and parents.

The book examines the characteristic communication skills, the interaction required and the thinking and play skills that need nurturing at each of the following stages:

  • Pre-Intentional Communication.
  • Being able to anticipate events.
  • Intentional Communication.

It also considers:

  • The link between play and language.
  • Total Communication – signs, symbols, Communication Passports, and briefly, Augmentative and Alternative Communication.
  • Using first words, ideas and phrases.

As with all Elklan materials having purchased the book you are free to photocopy any relevant pages so equipping others who work within your school or health provision.

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