Communication Friendly Settings - Secondary

Communication Friendly Settings - Secondary

Communication Friendly Settings - Secondary

Whole-school training and accreditation for secondary schools

About the programme

Elklan Communication Friendly Setting (CFSe) accreditation is awarded to settings that have trained and support all their staff in communication and language development. They will also have shown evidence of embedding this knowledge in targeted interventions and through the implementation of a Communication Policy.

Accreditation can be achieved in one year and can be renewed after three years. It is the most cost-effective strategy available for whole-setting capacity building in communication.


Got a question?

We'd welcome an opportunity to talk with you about how your setting can become Elklan Communication Friendly.

Regular Q&A sessions for schools and settings interested in gaining Communication Friendly Status are held via webinar. Click on one of the dates below to book your free place. Please ensure that you view the following PowerPoint before attending a webinar:

Additional webinars are held for tutors only. Please log in to check availability and apply.

What is Communication Counts?

Communication Counts is a course written by us which your Lead Communication Practitioner delivers to all the staff in your setting, including any administrative staff or lunchtime supervisors, in fact, anyone who speaks with the pupils! We provide the teaching notes, mentoring and resources to facilitate this and support LCPs to achieve Level 4 accreditation. Your LCP won’t attend another course but will analyse the embedding of the training in your setting and evaluate the impact on staff practices and pupil learning.

The five sessions cover:

  • What is communication
  • Developing interaction
  • Developing understanding through using visual supports
  • Extending vocabulary
  • Extending learning through asking effective questions
  • What does it cost? What's included?

    Speech and Language Support for 11-16s

    Speech and Language Support for 11-16s can be accessed either through Elklan e-learning or your local Elklan tutor. Prices for training run by your local Elklan Tutor may vary.

    • Online training accredited at Level 3 delivered via blended learning, for TAs and teachers, costs £350 - £360 per person plus VAT.
    • Access to the non-accredited e-learning sessions, which can be taken by teachers, costs £250 per person plus VAT.
    • Each member of your staff completing this training will receive a copy of Language Builders for 11-16s
    Creating Communication Friendly Settings

    Costs vary with the level of support required from Elklan and the number of staff members who in your setting who will act as LCPs.

    Please contact us for up to date pricing information.

    How do we get started?

    Attend a Q&A webinar where you can ask questions and find out answers that are pertinent for your setting. When you wish to proceed, please contact us.

    Settings who have completed level 3 training

    Work through this e-learning session on how the CFSe process works to find answers to those important questions you have:

    Those settings which have completed level 3 training and have been advised by a member of Elklan staff to book their LCPs on a level 4 CFSe - Secondary course can do so by selecting one of the available options below. Your place will not be confirmed until approved by a member of Elklan staff.

    Accredited Online Training
    New Communication Friendly Settings - Secondary courses will be arranged soon - please click here to register your interest.

    Please note these courses are only for those settings who do not already have their own Elklan tutor. If you have an Elklan tutor already, please contact them directly to discuss your next steps.

    How to Renew

    Full details of the requirements and procedure for renewing an award of Communication Friendly status are available here:

    Renewal Procedures

    CFSe Renewal Procedure (last updated 10th May 2021) where a new Level-4 trained staff member is needed

    CFSe Renewal Procedure (last updated 10th May 2021) where a new Level-4 trained staff member is not needed

    Talk to your local Elklan Tutor about how to renew your CFSe status, or contact us.

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