Using Makaton with Singing Workshop

Using Makaton with Singing Workshop

Using Makaton with Singing Workshop

A fun and easy way to learn to use signs with singing

About the workshop

Signing and singing have been shown to encourage the development of communication and language skills and are beneficial for vocalisation, confidence, social skills, emotional development, well-being and self-esteem.

This workshop is ideal for those who work with children in early years. You may also want to attend this Workshop if you have an interest in signing and would like to have the chance to practise signing whilst singing

In this workshop you will learn up to 100 signs and have fun practising them in songs adapted for different levels of ability. The online workshop will use a backing track when it comes to singing the nursery rhymes, due to the variability of internet speeds. You will pop yourself on mute and can therefore sing to your heart’s content in the safety of your own home.

This workshop focuses on:

• choice-making
• objects of reference and symbols
• the inclusion of children who are pre or non-verbal
• adapting the songs to cater for different levels of ability
• vocabulary and concept learning
• learning how to adapt a song and use one song to fulfil a number of aims
• using props (such as blow-up instruments and puppets)
• expanding the songs into craft ideas and so much more

You'll receive:

A workshop manual which includes the signs and symbols that you have learned

A Certificate of Attendance

Please note: Please remember to keep your course certificate safe. You may need this to attend further training.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to join this workshop; you do not need to have any prior experience of using Makaton and or singing.

Available workshops

Online Training by Webinar