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Let's Talk with 5-11s workbook sample image
Let's Talk with 5-11s workbook sample image
Let's Talk with 5-11s workbook sample image

Let's Talk with 5-11s workbook

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This practical book provides information about the development of language and communication and how to recognise children with speech, language and communication difficulties. It also gives 'Helpful Hints' with ideas to promote the speaking and listening skills of all children aged 5-11 years but particularly those whose communication development is delayed.

The book has been used for ten years as part of a course but Elklan has been asked to make this resource more widely available to parents so that the book can be bought without having to attend any training. It is also suitable for teaching assistants and teachers wanting some core information and ideas.

The topics covered are:

  • Knowing all the skills involved in communication and the developmental stages
  • Encouraging appropriate adult-child interaction
  • Helping children develop their listening, concentration and understanding of language
  • Promoting the development of vocabulary
  • Expanding the structure of children’s sentences
  • Thinking about the questions we ask children
  • Sharing books to support vocabulary and language development
  • Helping children with unclear speech

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Customer Reviews

Alison Buckley, Independent Speech & Language Therapi
27th April 2020

The ‘Let’s Talk with 10-14’s book extends the range of Elklan books aimed to support parents and carers of young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).

It provides a helpful explanation of the different skills involved in understanding spoken language and talking. Each chapter then provides more information about the impact of communication difficulties on the young person and practical ideas of how to help.

I think parents will find the sections on how to help memory, learning new words and completing homework particularly useful. There are also helpful sections on pragmatic (social) skills, transition and social media use. I would definitely recommend this to parents but also to staff in schools.

LC Sawbridgeworth
24th May 2018

A great book with clear explanations of how communication works, lots of really useful strategies to support homework and some great tips to help with transition to secondary school.