Let's Talk with Your Baby

Let's Talk with Your Baby

Let's Talk with Your Baby

A practical course for those of you who are parents or carers of babies aged 3 – 12 months

About the course

If you want some practical ideas to support your baby’s speech, language and communication skills, then this course is for you. This course will guide you through from early interactions, initiating first sounds to hearing your baby's first words.

Let's Talk with Your Baby is an essential pathway to creating positive interactions with your child and introducing vital methods to develop early communication skills between you and your baby.

The course will provide you with:

8 fun interactive sessions for you and your baby

Practical advice and strategies which are easily implemented at home

Opportunities to meet other parents and carers, share experiences and learn together

The sessions cover a wide range of early skills including:

1. Making eye contact
2. Watching and talking together
3. Exploring textures
4. Singing and enjoying music
5. Water play
6. Taking turns
7. Exploring and moving
8. Relaxing together

How do I apply for a course?

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