NELI: Training for TAs - Part 2

This training is for TAs who have completed NELI - Training for TAs Part 1.

What does training for TAs involve?

NELI Part 2 training involves one morning session. There will be a rolling programme of one session a month for no more than 9 attendees.

The best time to attend Part 2 is between sessions 21 & 26.

It is important to attend Part 2 training before you start to implement part 2 of the intervention.


Time Activity Aims
2 days before the Training Day


Meet and greet webinar for TAs

Check technology
Outline the training
Explain what resources are needed

Please attend this session using the device that you will be using on the main training day

On the Training Day


Webinar 1
Introduction to the day

Check technology
Outline session


Individual study

These will be available to attendees in the NELI TAs Area, logging in with your username and password:

View Part 2 e-learning session
Complete the webinar sheet


Webinar 2

Discuss activities in the webinar sheet
Questions and answers about delivering NELI Part 2



You will be emailed a feedback questionnaire.

When are e-learning courses running?

Please enrol for the date which is nearest you delivering week 10 of Part 1 or starting Part 2:

Sorry! There are no available courses at the moment.
Please email if you have any enquiries.